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The election of bathroom furniture challenges space by limiting

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Bathroom renovation, I am sure everyone has something to say, the choice of bathroom furniture can largely affect the the bathroom overall space utilization efficiency, furniture must first rational design properly placed, not only capable of accommodating up to the bathroomproducts, but also to maximize the space saving. Also be able to hide the messy pipeline, that can play a good visual effect. Many bathrooms there will be a certain wall not install Ware or put other items were occupied, then might as well pick a vertical storage cabinets in accordance with the width of the wall, standing by the wall, placed a lot of toiletries. In order to meet people wished to make the fullest possible use of the space needs, now a lot of bathroom furniture not only has a function such as shown in the drawing of the chair, the surface can open the lid, the lid side is a mirror, can be used for cosmetic, chair sit inside can also put some bits and pieces. High with drawer chest as well.

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