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Concerned about the details of the bathroom renovation

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A lot of people think that the bathroom renovation is very difficult, often troubles bathroom decor. Need to take care of the details in the bathroom is naturally more, in addition to the basic part, there is more concern requires careful scrutiny, slowly pondering. But as long as the to seize key, you will find a bathroom renovation is actually so simple. Poor quality waterproof material makes your bathroom a number of years filled with smell of Ruoyouruowu; the pungent flavor paste the glue of the glass in a certain period of time. To maintain the smooth flow of air, use to help speed up the air purification plants, the use of chemical air fresheners as little as possible. Wash basin, bathtub ceramic surface smooth, anti-bacterial. Good glazed Toilet smooth, detailed, no defects after repeated washing can still smooth as new. Glazed quality is not good, it is easy to make the dirt hanging on the walls, causing pollution. These are the renovation process should pay attention to the details.

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