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The bathroom renovation taboo Know

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Bathroom space decoration there are a lot of need for attention, need to know in detail the various considerations In order to do the work of renovation of the bathroom space. The bathroom color light-based, white is the most common color, giving the feeling of a clean, bright, and also meet the needs of people of bathrooms. Flexibility in the use of a complementary and balanced principles. One more thing, the bathroom is best not to use large red and golden yellow color, these colors belong to the element of fire, can not appear in the bathroom. Bathroom ground must be less than the living room, so that the water does not flow out. Best not in the master bedroom with en suite rooms, modern city home, bathroom accounted for five percent to eight percent of the area of ​​the best can not be too large. This pattern is most conducive to the layout and design of the houses.

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