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Qingdao You Na De Bathroom Facilities Co. Ltd. is a collection development, design, production, marketing, sale and one integrated enterprise, mainly produces full baths, a variety of FRP products, and cooperation with Japan, Taiwan and domestic enterprises, the company introduced Japan, European product design and innovative ideas FRP production technology and process, has always been committed to the overall development and the development of sanitary products, has accumulated rich experience in the industry.

My company has a highly qualified management team and strong scientific and technological strength, since its inception has always been to provide the highest quality products to every customer satisfactory services, we have always firmly believed that the "good faith, quality first" philosophy, in well-managed enterprise the first good people, good products, so you buy the rest assured that with the comfortable!

Since its inception, with a number of large chain enterprises to establish a good working relationship, and a fine product quality and perfect service system, has won the praise of customers. The same time I committed this year to develop mobile baths, successfully supporting container house, etc., are exported to Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Africa and other countries.

Networks, intelligent, digital, science and technology, driven by the idea of ​​a new era of green energy, people's living environment and life grade requirements are constantly improved. In view of this, I will, as always, with your efforts to create a better living environment, low-carbon, environmental protection, energy saving, efficient full bath products and services.

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